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TLDR: Some middle-aged split mustached Indian guy cuts me off so I drive speed limit in front of him and he rages.

On my way home, some asshole cuts me off in his shit black SUV van. Naturally, I’m pissed as fuck. I drive off into the opposing lane and when it merges, I drive faster to get in front of him. The speed limit in this area is 25 because it’s a school zone and I normally drive at the speed of traffic which is 40. I slow down to a whopping 29 in front of this dude while the car in front of me is going at an easy 45. Naturally he gets pissed and tailgates me but I don’t give a fuck. After all, if he hits me, I’m technically driving at a legal speed.

He tries to drive faster in the next lane and of course I speed up and drive into the next lane and immediately slow the fuck down. Eventually, we get into a two lane area and he pulls next to me and flips the bird. I flip him back. Then, he sticks his middle finger into his throat at me and I just raise my eyebrows and laugh.

Stupid bitch got honked at by the people behind him for slowing down because the lane he was in was turn right only and I was at a stoplight. Of course, I help out. I lay it on until he turns and then its dawned on him that he wasn’t supposed to go that way and now he has to drive all the way down to make a u-turn to his original destination. He pulls over for a bit, then resumes driving for about ten meters before pulling over again. By then, my stoplight has turned green and I drive off.

But no seriously if you cut people off for no reason then fuck you.

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Went from comedic to real as fuck in like 2 seconds
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The level.

i’m very angry and very impressed
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